… and thank goodness for them!

The Dunnville Chamber of Commerce main desk volunteers field approximately 400 business and tourism email, phone and in-person inquiries every month. That’s a lot of questions!

     “When’s my garbage day?”
     “Where can I book vocal lessons for my 12 year old daughter?”
     “Who can help me trace my great grandfather’s lineage?”

Some are easy, some… not so much.

But that’s okay because we like challenges! Besides, we have our volunteer office manager Sandy Passmore to light the way at our fingertips if we get stumped. (no really- she is amazing!)

So go ahead and ask away.

We are waiting by the phone… or at the desk if you’d like to pop by.

Thank you to our current Volunteers:

Madeline Van Pamel

Lee Smith

Gerrie Faulkner

Joanne Villenieuve 

May Passmore

Debra Martin

Suzanne Mastrandrea 

Joanne Dosley