Top Reasons to Join Dunnville Chamber of Commerce

Consumers are 63% more likely to buy goods and services from a Chamber Member. Your membership means Business. Join Today.

1- UNDER THE DUNNVILLE UMBRELLA – When tourists ask for business assistance, we refer them to our Chamber members.

2 – WEBSITE ACCESS – Have your business promoted through one of the top accessed web sites www.dunnvillechamberofcommerce.ca  showcasing your business country wide.

3 – NEWSLETTER INFORMATION – Be informed of new businesses opening and existing business happenings through our business Newsletter.

4 – POWER OF NETWORKING – Have a chance to meet and network with other businesses to learn of their services and products and to promote yours.

5 – WEB SUPPORT – Have access to a North America Web developer that promotes and assists your business at Chamber group rates. Contact Nicholas Hughes 1-866-496-3073 or www.rapidpage.ca.

6 – SOCIAL MEDIA – Stay up-to-date with news and current events. Members post on Chambers Facebook (shown on Chambers Website)

7 – GROUP INSURANCE PLAN – With Tailored Financial Solutions you have access to a flexible, competitively priced, stable renewal Group Insurance Plan. With the plan comes exceptional service and quick claims payment.   Contact Scott Moore 905-650-8011

8 – ELECTRONIC PAYMENT TERMINALS – Enjoy preferred rates on electronic processing of credit cards and debit transactions.      www.chambermerchantservices.ca

9 – LEGAL SHIELD – Have access to Legal assistanceWill preparation, and also Identity Theft and Power of Attorney benefits. http://www.legalshield.com/info/dunnvillecoc  This site will allow members to enroll in the Legal Shield family plan at a discounted rate and/or any of the small business plans.

10 – SHIPPING AND FREIGHT SERVICES– PUROLATOR Members Benefit Program gives participants access to some of the most competitive rates available.  www.occ.ca/member-benefits/occ-members    

11 – E-LEARNING– Thousands of courses available- including some certificate programming- done via your computer in your office or home. www.growthadvisors.ca Contact Greg Peterson 905-338-2759 x225

12 – A VOICE TO THE COUNTY– We listen and take your suggestions not just to the community, but also the county.