The Music Room

TheMusicRoomBusiness: The Music Room 168 Queen St. Dunnville Ont N1A 1H7 www.themusicroomstore.ca

Owner: Cyrus Hopman

Dunnville welcomes the newest member to the Chamber of Commerce, The Music Room owned and operated by Cyrus Hopman. Cyrus and his wife Erica opened their music store on March 2, 2015. Cyrus was a marketing and graphic designer for a large employer and decided that he needed a job that was more engaging and interactive with the community. Having a passion for music and an entrepreneurial spirit, Cyrus saw the need for a music store in Dunnville. Our town has many gifted musicians and song writers and Cyrus has stocked his store with a selection of electronic equipment and accessories to meet a musician’s needs. There is also a large variety of guitars in stock. For the record collectors, he has a number of albums to peruse. For those wanting to take music lessons he offers guitar and piano lessons for both adults and youth.

The Hopmans have plans to expand their business into the surrounding communities of Wainfleet and beyond. They are looking forward to

the Mudcat Festival and hope that after the parade people will drop in and meet them..