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On February 17, 1944 a highly committed group of citizens from Dunn Township, united in a common effect viewed positively the benefits that could be derived from organizing a financial co-operative. The Dunn Township Credit Union Limited was incorporated March 24, 1945.

From its meager beginnings Dunn Township Credit Union membership was to triple and assets were to multiply fivefold. Shareholders at the 13th Annual Meeting, with purpose and imagination, altered the name of the Credit Union to encompass Dunnville and District, which was to impact immediately on the well-being of the institution. Manager Reginald Ash, who had run the operation voluntarily since 1951 was now to be paid a salary of $20 monthly with telephone and mileage expenses.

Under the stewardship of E.J. Hellyer as manager, 1960-1966, the Credit Union saw relocation to 207 Queen Street over the Toronto Dominion Bank, assets doubled to $115,985 and profits tripled to $7063.


Dunnville and District Credit Union Limited would undergo a number of changes during the fourteen year tenure of manager W.C. Fear (1967-1981). Full time office staff was increased to handle the workload, the office was to relocate twice; first, to the new A&P building on Bridge Street and then to the strip mall at 214 Broad Street East. All personal loans were insured and membership mushroomed due to the efforts of the Board and Manager to implement a payroll plan in many of the local plants. By 1975 Plan 24, a Daily Interest Savings account was introduced.

Following the retirement of W.C Fear, in February, 1982 Percy Goodfallow became manager during which time the Credit Union entered the “Modern Age” with the advent of a computerized data system with CUDATA (Ont.) having a direct link to Credit Union Central of Ontario in Toronto.

Dunnville and District Credit Union had undergone major transformations, however, the tremendous potential inherent within the Credit Union to serve the community as “People helping People” generated boundless optimism that we could realign our sense of direction and statement of philosophy. This was the ultimate challenge to squarely face our next manager Robert R. Shaver who on January 1, 1983 assumed his new duties.

From Bob’s arrival, Dunnville and District Credit Union Limited had shown startling growth with the selling of RRSPs, personal loan limits increased to$15,000 and residential Mortgages to $60,000. New products and services had been introduced due to a membership survey.

With Bob’s retirement in March 1987, C.R. (Bud) Giles was hired as the new Manager-Treasurer. During Bud Giles tenure the Credit Union continued to grow. New services introduced: U.S Savings, Youth Accounts, RRIF’s and residential second mortgages. 

In September of 1991 the Board appointed our current manager Don Ecker. By 1995 the Credit Union served over 1800 members, and by regulation definition, was no longer considered a small Credit Union. New services also continued to be offered during this 5 year “righting of the ship”: Mastercard, Member ATM/Debit cards, Index-linked term deposits, mutual funds, NISA accounts, home equity line of credit and home and auto insurance.  

The next few years leading up to the new millennium continued to see the Credit Union grow and prosper. A video security system was installed, a result of a robbery in March 1998, installation of an ATM, the design of our own web site www.DDCU.com and the introduction of Registered Education Savings Plans. 

The new century brought new staff and a focus on exceptional member service. The credit union made a commitment to support the local community with corporate donations to various organizations, youth sports, clubs and charities. We continued to improve our products and services by offering wealth management benefits such as estate planning, taxation advice, and enhanced investment options. The credit union introduced PC home banking called MemberDirect and electronic bill payments

In January 2003 the Credit Union purchased property at 208 Broad Street East and moved to a new 3000 sq. ft. office on June 2, 2003. Again the credit union was innovative introducing the 1st drive thru ATM to the community. The Dunnville and District Credit Union currently serves over 2200 members, has assets of over $22,000,000 and is well capitalized to meet the opportunities of the future. 

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