Clark Agricultural Service

Clark Agri Service formed in 1994 offers complete crop management services to local farmers including: soil analysis, crop input planning, seed and fertilizer sales and custom crop protection application services. 

In recent years, Clark Agri Service has experienced steady growth which has been met with upgrades in the fleet of field application equipment as well as facility improvements. Both warehousing and office space has been improved to ensure timely and effective service to area cash crop farmers. In 2012 Clark Agri Service made a renewed commitment to the growing demand for Identity Preserved crops by adding critical crop planning and marketing options for I.P. crops.

The Clark Agri Service facility in Wellandport includes two state of the art fertilizer blending towers with total capacity of 1200 tonnes, a 3200 square foot crop protection chemical warehouse, an 8580 square foot seed warehouse, a bulk soybean seed treatment center, and grain storage for up to 500,000 bushels.

A complete list of products and services includes: 

  • Agronomy Services: Soil Testing, Crop Planning, Crop Check, Field Mapping
  • Bulk & Bagged Seed: Corn, Wheat, Forage, Soybeans
  • Bulk Seed Treatment
  • Custom Application
  • Crop Protection
  • Fertilizer: Bulk, Totes, Bagged, Liquid
  • Grain Storage & Drying
  • Grain Marketing

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Clark Agricultural Service

4891 Canborough Road
Wellandport, Ontario L0R 2J0 


Fax (905)-386-6692