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Are you caring for someone you love? 

Do you know of anyone who is caring for a love one?

Do you know someone that could use some support, or just someone to talk to? 

Do you know someone who doesn’t take time for them self as they are too busy looking after their love one that is sick?

Do you know someone who might feel like this journey is very difficult and needs to talk to someone who understands?

Please find attached our ongoing support group for caregiver’s flyer. Feel free to forward to anyone who will benefit from our support.

Please call us to reserve your spot as seats are limited- 

Sponsored by Boost Your Health Wellness Center with love

Support group flyer for caretakers  April 23rd  2015


4 Different YOGA styles offered, Children’s Yoga, Various Meditation Classes, Ear Candling, Foot Detox with Heated Himalayan Salt Block, Aromatherapy body massage, Rieki Treatment & Teaching, Reflexology Treatments, Day away Spa Day 4 YOU, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Reiki treatment/ Teaching, (Black Pearl), THE BARS Treatment/  teaching, Cleansing/Balancing Chakras, Aromatherapy Facials, Pottery Classes, Free Support Groups for caregivers, Various Retreats, Free Wholeness Blessings


~Chronic Diseases ~Autism   ~Multiple Sclerosis  ~Parkinson’s  ~Anxiety   ~Depression  ~Post-traumatic Stress   ~Clearing on a Deep Emotional, Energetic Level    ~Anger, Fear, Aches, Pains and Phobias    ~Release the Hurt, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually       ~GIFT of Forgiveness, let go of Resentment, Jealousy and Guilt, Balance your Chakras    ~Develop New Positive Energy     ~ quit Smoking, lose weight, get rid of your hot flashes, raise your self- esteem, Feel Younger and Look Younger and much more..

Ongoing Workshops: Self Esteem Workshops, Ignite Your Passion workshop, Forgiveness “A gift for you” 

Life Skills Coaching, and much more…

For more details on workshops and energy healing visit us at  www.boostyourhealth.ca Email: lisa@boostyourhealth.ca call us at 905-701-9518


Lisa’s Bio:

Motivation and interest in spiritual healing started in her youth.  She has fond memories and recalls: “My father, Sylvio LeBrasseur, was a healer and for some reason, my whole life, I have been curious and drawn to spiritual healing in many different aspects.  It seems to be all around me and comes to me freely”

She has been teaching for over 2 decades.  “Your Thoughts become your life” Positive thinking will get you anywhere you want; you just need to believe YOU DESERVE IT! 

Passion and Positive thinking continues to triumph!    “My vision to having a wellness center is now a reality for the past year and a half !

Ellis  is so grateful since the day she has opened the doors it’s been busy.   Lisa has assembled a very powerful team to bring you the BEST in the HALIDMAND AREA.

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